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History and Mission

The early stages of the HCG started in 2011 when Alice King presented the benefits of a community garden to the town. Sadly, Alice died on October 7, 2011 as a result of a motorcycle accident. Her family and friends rallied together to continue her dream of seeing a community garden in Hopatcong.

At the first informational meeting in January 2012, the meeting room was packed with interested gardeners and media. We knew then that this dream of Alice's could happen. The Borough of Hopatcong allocated a piece of land to the HCG off of Bell Avenue, conveniently located in the designated Town Center.

The Hopatcong Community Garden features only organic materials

While the Borough has allocated the HCG land, it is up to its members to raise the money needed to operate and maintain the garden, including operational expenses such as water. All initial construction costs were generously covered by a donation from the Hudson Farm Foundation.

If you are a Hopatcong resident who is interested in the garden, please contact Hopatcong Community Garden Board via e-mail or by call us at (862) 243-2201. We respond to emails faster. 

HCG Mission Statement

HCG shall be dedicated to supporting and operating recreational community gardens for the residents of the Borough of Hopatcong, New Jersey and to the promotion of sustainable, ornamental and edible plant culture for the benefit of its members. The HCG will provide a space to garden organically, thus improving the quality of life, stimulating interaction among Hopatcong residents, producing food, preserving green space and providing opportunities for multicultural and intergenerational connections.

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a plot of land that is gardened collectively by a group of people. Each gardener leases a plot on the land and tends to it. What they bring in and grow is theirs to enjoy, consume or share with others. Many gardeners grow vegetables, some flowers and some gardeners will plant both. See the What's Growing in Our Garden page for the latest pictures from the garden.

The Hopatcong Community Garden sits just off of Bell Avenue. It consists of 46 plots that residents can lease for the year. This includes 2 specially constructed (raised) plot boxes for the disabled. 
For the 2018 season, the amount to ease a plot is $25. Gardeners must use certified organic seeds, seedlings and materials while gardening. Gardeners are required to also volunteer 5 hours of their time throughout the season to help maintain the common areas and other tasks.