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May 2014 - The Art of Growing Potatoes
Actually potato growing  is pretty straight forward if you follow some basic rules. So says speaker Peter Oesen, biology teacher at Hopatcong High School. Growing up on a small family farm in Wantage, NJ, Mr. Oesen has been growing vegetables and competing in the The Sussex County Farm &  Horse Show since his youth. He shared his wealth of knowledge with HCG members at our May 2014 monthly meeting. Watch the complete presentation below.

The Art of Growing Potatoes

Click HERE to view a PDF version of the presentation. (Once the PDF viewer opens you can select "File=>Download" to save the file to your computer).

November 2013 - Insight from Certified Organic Farms
HGC member and Helping Hands plot coordinator Kelly Bond spent 5 weeks in the Fall of 2013 working on two certified organic farms in the Carolinas. She has brought back a wealth of knowledge and experience from her participation in the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) program, sharing this in the presentation and video below.

Topics include:
  • Growing secrets of Organic farms (tips and techniques)
  • Maintaining Healthy Soil
  • Composting
  • Fighting Insects Naturally (Row Covers, Organic Pesticides, Cardboard - yes cardboard!)
  • Disease Prevention and Management (Early Blight, Tomato splitting, Powdery Mildew)
  • Planting Tips (seeds, germination tests,)
  • Personal experience on Organic Farms in the Carolinas (WWOOF)
  • Benefits of Drip Irrigation
  • Benefits of Cover Crops
  • Growing Mushrooms
  • Organic Certification Requirements
Click HERE to view a PDF version of the presentation. (To save to your computer, right-click on the link and choose "save link as"). Presenter notes are embedded as PDF comments. Alternatively, save THIS Powerpoint version and view the Notes page (To save to your computer, click the link then select File=>Download in the Google Docs Viewer)

Kelly Bond: Insights from Certified Organic Farms

November 2012 - Soups and Stews
To view Kelly Bond's Wonderful World of Soups and Stews presentation from the November 2012 Garden Meeting click here.